10 Desks Which Do the Job With Character

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A functional desk that permits good workflow is vital for any businessperson, family organizer, pupil or crafter. All the better if that desk’s layout offers as much inspiration as it will usefulness.

Here are 10 desks that add extraordinary form to an otherwise ordinary function.

Marble. This custom-made Carrara marble endeavor desk includes three beefy slabs, making a big impression — it’s perfectly proportioned to the spacious white and grey room.

The bits were fastened together on site. “It was,” says interior designer Dayna Flory. “Each piece is very heavy.”

Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders

Drafting table. Although a drafting table isn’t ideal for holding a laptop, its ergonomic angle, and of course its tipping layout, make it an interesting addition to a workplace that may benefit from several workstations. It is great for architects and artists.

The 1920s French variant here ties in with the area’s decidedly vintage flair.

NDC Homes, Inc..

High gloss. If you would like your office to make a fashion-forward statement, a high-gloss desk like this you could be just the ticket.

Shown here in a project by House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging, the desk is part of the Mobital Stark Collection. It has brushed stainless steel legs and a crevice for publications, files or artwork.

Fein Zalkin Interiors

Antique. Interior designer Jenny Zalkin refurbished this antique desk found by her customer at an antiques warehouse in Connecticut. The shape lends itself to the balcony’s unusual curve and the ceiling’s angles. “We refinished it in lacquer and topped it with Edelman leather with a metallic bone finish for a more elegant look,” Zalkin says.

A.S.D. Interiors – Shirry Dolgin, Owner

Barely there. This Lucite desk from CB2 was selected for this room because of its near invisibility.

“It is located within a crowded open floor plan in plain sight of the kitchen and family room,” says project designer Shirry Dolgin. “We wanted something that would take up space from the walkway it stands, in addition to something that wouldn’t compete visually with the surrounding components.”

Niki Interiors, LLC

Custom reproduction. Designer Niki Camerin wanted to give her client a remarkable desk, one that had not only a distinct look but historic importance. This piece is a reproduction of campaign furniture, popular with the British military when they had been colonizing foreign lands. “While such pieces were normally made from mahogany,” notes Camerin, “I left this one with white lacquer and a leather top.”

Bronze handles decorate front drawers and sides. Those side handles are an important detail for an authentic look, as the first bits were carried around by hand.

Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co..

Simple sawhorse. This desk is very good for an industrial setting, such as this loft in the Los Angeles Arts District. It is made from a 1-inch-thick piece of oil, 36 by 60 inches, put on two sawhorses. “There is no adhesive or something,” says interior designer Caitlin Murray. “The Lucite simply keeps it together”

Maison Market

Library-like. Interior designer Kate Duckworth needed this crafting desk custom made to meet the customer’s exact wishes. A stone top creates a smooth, durable work surface, while profound shelving hosts a library.

Speaking of libraries, the desk’s drawers to the left of the chair emulate the card systems found in libraries of yesteryear.

Tip:If you are designing your own desk, play around with the expression of the drawers. For a project like this one, only you will know if these are 20 small drawers or two larger drawers decorated with many handles.

Scandinavian Designs

Leaning. Scandinavia is famous for its simple designs. This desk by Scandinavian Designs isn’t any exception. It has a no-frills look, a 34-inch-wide work surface and shelving. Add as many matching 20-inch-wide shelving components as you like for an office setup in any area.

HER Designs

One of a kind. This man cave wouldn’t be complete without a desk that captured its proprietor lively personality. Designer Hilary Phillips gave her customer the greatest desk: a red Corvette.

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