10 Cleverly Crafty Ways to Refashion a Door

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If your doors that are dull have got you down, do not worry. is full of fabulous ideas for great statement doorways. Some of these ideas may call for a long-term savings account, while some require only a quick trip to the home improvement store and a few hours of a semicrafty homeowner’s time. Listed below are 10 of the door intervention ideas.

Eminent Interior Design

Wrapped. After upgrading leather-wrapped doorways, interior designer Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design saved cash by mimicking the appearance with fake crocodile.

“This faux crocodile pattern is a wall covering, and standard adhesive was utilized. The wall covering was ordered to have miniature (hidden) holes which allow for proper ventilation from the pine substrate throughout the wall covering; the wall covering is vinyl, which takes this process,” she says.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Upholstered. Artist Lisa Borgnes-Giramonti additionally took things into her own hands. Inspired by a traditional appearance, she upholstered her door within this rich-looking faux leather and added an elaborate push plate and brass nails.

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LDa Architecture & Interiors

Studly. The studded doors at a resort in Mexico inspired these custom-made doors in a Massachusetts coastal home.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

The architects employed doors within the house too. All these are custom mahogany by Blue Anchor Millwork, adorned with custom bronze nailheads.

Hensley Premier Builders

This customized door has art deco.


Faux paneled. DIY master Brian Patrick Flynn gave a blah old hollow door a smart makeover, using paint to create a paneled appearance and including a door knocker for some whimsy.

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Chalkboard. An easy way to get some layout fun with a door is to coat it into chalkboard paint and change up the messages and doodles whenever you fancy.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Patchwork. Twist Tamar Schechner of Nest Pretty Things livened up a boring closet door with wallpaper adhesive and a patchwork layout.

Charlie Allen Renovations, Inc..

Translucent glass. If you need some privacy, you can replace clear glass with frosted or etched glass.


Valspar Glass Frosting Spray Paint, 11 Ounces

It is possible to suspend. I can attest, as somebody who has had many DIY disasters, so that this is very user friendly. I have used it successfully!

Sans Soucie Art Glass

Etched glass. A fancy etching is far beyond my limited abilities, but some of you crafties may choose to go for adding fancy details when you complete your glass-frosting undertaking. Too tricky for you too? Seek out professional art glass companies, like Sans Soucie Art Glass, which created this delectable pantry door.

Susan Wallace

Artistic display. Looking to jazz up your exterior door? Artist Susan Wallace creates sculptural custom-designed display doors which add kilometers of curb appeal.

Learn about Susan Wallace and her display doors

Allison Cosmos

Stenciled. A door like this will take a bit more sweat equity or a specialist; the stenciling is by artist and interior designer Alison Cosmos.

The Lettered Cottage

For a smaller time commitment, you may want to start simple, perhaps stenciling amounts, your monogram or even a friendly message.

Perhaps you have added layout details to any of your doors? Please share your ideas and photos together in the Opinions section.

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