How to Safely Remove Cigarette Smoke Buildup From Furniture

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At a house where smoking is permitted inside, the odor of the smoke smoke lingers long after the last butt was put out. Stale cigarette odors develop on and in furniture, particularly upholstered furniture, which seems to accumulate scents from the atmosphere around it. Natural homemade cleaners eliminate the stench and coating of movie left behind by the smoke without needing chemical-based cleaners that may not be entirely safe.

Filmy Buildup Removal

Over time, repeated exposure to cigarette smoke contributes to a grimy buildup on hard surfaces; this movie may even cause blonde white or wood painted furniture to appear yellowed. Two cups of vinegar mixed into 1/2 gallon of water creates a cleaning solution to hard furniture surfaces. Dip a soft cloth or sponge to the solution, wringing out the majority of the liquid, then wipe all the furniture surfaces. Wipe dry with a towel or let it air dry. A mild oil soap solution on a sponge may be used instead of vinegar, or wipe first with the oil soap option and also follow the vinegar mixture to remove any potential soap left behind. Dry the furniture with a towel after.

Fabric Refresher

Fabric furniture tends to absorb and store offensive odors such as cigarette smoke; even thrift store or estate sale finds eliminated from their first homes weeks or even months past may still reek of cigarettes. Spritz fabric with a mixture of two parts water to one part vinegar, enabling it to air dry. Repeat the process, if necessary. If coverings on the furniture or its cushions are machine-washable, clean them as guided on their maintenance tags, adding a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle.

Drawers and Cabinets

Enclosed spaces, such as cabinets or drawers, may also harbor smoke odors, even though those regions generally remain closed. Remove drawers completely, whenever they may be easily eliminated; if notopen the drawers as wide as possible in addition to the cupboard doors. Squirt a light mist of vinegar over the interior surfaces, letting them air dry in a well-ventilated location. Once dry, put a bowl of dry coffee grounds or coffee beans in the drawers or cabinets, together with balled-up paper. Both the paper and coffee grounds absorb odors. Repeat the whole process, as needed.

Fresh Air

Taking the furniture outdoors on a non-humid, bright day helps eliminate lingering scents. Sunshine helps dry out any moisture from the bits, which may also lead to funky odors. Wash the bits with a mild vinegar solution while outdoors to get a high-value punch against scents and dirt. Prop removable furniture cushions against a wall or table outdoors to permit fresh air to achieve both sides at the same time. Spritz the fabric with vinegar to quicken the odor-removal process.

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