Hiding Electrical Equipment at the Yard

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From electric boxes or transformers to meters and poles, electrical equipment can make your yard look unattractive. The crucial thing is to conceal the equipment and draw the eye away from it. Because of the danger involved, it’s important you follow the safety guidelines for all electric equipment.

Landscaping for Disguise

Trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials are able to conceal elements like utility poles and electric boxes. Plant near or around electrical equipment to draw the eye away from such eyesores. Make the shade of the plants that the focus, rather than the gear. Since they spread, trees and shrubs help block the view of gear. Planters with brightly colored flowers also give a distraction to allow you to look away from the gear.

Potential Problems

While plants may conceal and sprinkle electrical gear, you need to remember these items may be harmful and planting too close may create a hazard. Most cities have a minimal safe distance requirement for planting near those items. As an example, tall trees growing under power lines or too close to electric poles are dangerous in case there’s a storm, in which limbs and branches may cause fallen lines and electricity outages. On the ground, trees, shrubs and shrubs planted too near electrical meters or boxes may interfere with workers making repairs. In case your plantings are too near, the utility workers may need to cut or eliminate the plants. When planting near these utilities, then it is also important to be conscious of underground lines so you don’t dig too deeply and accidentally damage or cut the lines.

Minimum Safe Distances

To ensure that your plants do not interfere or pose a hazard to electric equipment in your yard, do not plant anything too near the equipment. Since plant root processes may interfere with underground wires, do not plant anything in 10 feet of underground wires. Leave 12 feet of space before electric boxes and pad mount doors and 3 to 4 ft of space on each side of transformers and utility boxes. When planting trees near utility poles, let 20 feet of space between the pole and the crown of the tree to allow for spreading.

Further Precautions

When hiding electric equipment with plants, follow some general guidelines. Never plant tall trees or shrubs under power lines. Don’t use vines or climbing plants across the side of electric boxes or utility poles, as they interfere and also pose a hazard to workers. Keep invasive or aggressive crops away from all electric equipment. Bear in mind that clearance is vital during the year, so always keep your crops neatly trimmed and pruned.

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