11 Unusual Sleigh Beds to Produce a Bedroom Dashing

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I have always thought of sleigh beds because among these omnipresent design classics that almost everyone knows and loves, like Windsor seats or chesterfield sofas. Usually crafted from a rich wood, such as mahogany or walnut, and featuring a graceful scrolled shape on the headboard and footboard, they balance a masculine material with a female form — just one reason they’ve been popular since the early 19th century. They also have a cozy setting that makes their occupants feel comfortable (or claustrophobic, I guess, depending upon your point of view).

But even classics may benefit from an update now and then. Listed below are 11 fresh interpretations of sleigh bed design, every true to the spirit yet with its own fresh flair. Your fancy strikes? Leave a comment and tell us more!

Tucker & Marks

Incorporate fabric detailing. A bit of soft blue in the headboard and footboard helps to break up the heavy wood and preserve the area’s subdued texture. If you can’t locate a comparable bed style that you enjoy on the market, talk with a furniture pro to discover whether you can retrofit a standard sleigh bed with cloth panels.

Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

Choose an unexpected color. Dove gray harmonizes with all the grass fabric and gives this room a serene foundation. Choose white or cream for a traditional cabin look or go with a brilliant colour to recreate a place that requires some oomph. Choose a high-gloss finish to plug the wattage and then flaunt the bed’s curvaceous form.

Michael Merrill Design Studio, Inc

Think little. A Biedermeier-style daybed lends this little space the gravitas of a sleigh framework without the visual weight.

Give it a low profile. Minus the typical footboard, this low-slung bed takes on a sleek form that would work nicely in a conventional, transitional or contemporary room. Bonus: It is easier to change sheets.

Jessica Bennett Interiors

Pad it with cushioning. Upholstered in classic white and studded with nailheads that flaunt its own curves, this bed seems to float in the middle of this room. Try this strategy if you find it uncomfortable to lean from a solid slab of wood.

Turn it into a trundle. A sleigh daybed outfitted with a pullout beneath turns this sunny space to some multifunctional marvel. Custom cushions and bolsters add the expression of a sofa during the day.

Tucker & Marks

Glam it up with luxe cloth. Velvet, suede or a different plush textile produces a sleigh bed additional sumptuous. Cap it off with a canopy for a double layer of luxury.

Soorikian Architecture

Strip it down to a modern form. This Scandinavian-style interpretation of this sleigh bed lacks the touch curves, but it keeps the enveloping feel. A bloated duvet makes it less austere.

Amy Lau Design

Go bohemian. The bed may be conventional, but the rest of this area is anything but. Amid the exposed brick, kilim and Asian accents, it seems more like a European flea market detect compared to a piece from the grandparents’ attic.

Nathan Cuttle Design

Recast it. Classic iron bed satisfies classic sleigh bed. The result: a very simple shape is effective too in a rustic cabin as in an elegant urban penthouse.

Soften it with a slipcover. Sleigh beds do not lend themselves to skirts, so a slipcover is one method to bring a touch of softness in the bottom. This is also a cost-effective alternative if you’re seeking to refresh a classic bed frame but aren’t into paint.

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