12 Ideas for Decorating Over the Cupboards

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Some kitchens have it and some do not. It is sometimes a tricky place to decorate when a kitchen does have it. I am speaking about about this amusing small open place way up high above the cupboardsā€”that room where the ceiling as well as the cupboards end starts. How would you want to decorate that place? Sometimes, it is left open but where is the fun in that? Here’s a little inspiration to get you going in the event you have been seeking for a few ideas for decoration over the cupboards.

Only a Woman

Cucina is Italian for “the kitchen.” Just what a fun and thought for decoration over the cupboards.

Along with pleasure wording like “Bistro” and “Cafe,” it is possible to integrate other collectibles together with a few verdure. Consider allowing down the path that is greenery in a single corner to attract the attention up to the vignettes that are lovely.

In case your kitchen has already been designed like this wonderful -style kitchen, around a topic, why don’t you carry up on the appearance to your -cupboard decor? This style is wonderfully completed by the accent items selected to really go above these cupboards.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

They get a far larger impact than if a large amount of quite dissimilar things are employed when related items like these wonderful baskets are grouped. It reminds me of the tenets of landscaping that say utilizing a large amount of a particular blossom creates a substantially greater effect in the event that you used only some of a variety of blooms than than you would get. It is actually fascinating just how much decoration and landscaping have have as a common factor.

Cornerstone Interiors

Roosters have for ages been a kitchen motif that was favorite and they can be a success for the region above cupboards. Just for fun chickens roosters can you depend in this image? (Cue Jeopardy audio.)

Done counting? Seven were located by me. I used to not count the lovely platter above the cupboard… I do believe that can be a swan.

The the room over the cupboards additionally supplies an essential area to put away baskets.

Melaragno Style Business, LLC

Have a brilliant plate set you’ll like to exhibit, but lack an excellent place to show away it? Setting it above the cupboards may be valued each time you wander to the kitchen and gets it upwards where it really is risk-free. This is best suited with bigger plates.


The slim show region above these cupboards was really made by the inclusion of molding that was exquisite. It is ideal to show a transferware group that is stunning.

If your cupboards are squared-off and basic on top, adding moulding is an affordable approach to dress them upwards and make them seem more large.

Lisa’s Imaginative Models

Here is an excellent thought: Present off your number of classic treasures.

JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

You will have to use bigger things for show to keep them from becoming lost for the reason that place in the event the ceiling above your cupboards soars. Just a couple of bits that are big are all you must fill the void of the the area.

Listed here is an excellent example of utilizing things which can be big and fine, ensuring they’ll be observed from below.

Tervola Styles

Stretch the screen region even higher with all the addition of some other ledge, in case your ceilings are actually high or vaulted. Changing heights of the items shown makes the place come alive with curiosity.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Despite the fact that this display region is not above cupboards, it really is a fantastic example of a creamware or ironstone set would look exhibited there. I adore the add-on of the turkeys. They might be chickens, but since Thanksgiving is simply a week a way, allow c all ’em turkeys for to day.

Are you experiencing an open space over the cupboards in your kitchen? What c-Reative techniques have you ever found to put it to use as a screen region?