13 Homemade Headboards That Thrill With Creativity

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I never needed a headboard before I made my own. A couple of years ago I followed Real Simple‘s step-by-step instructions (reproduced here) and in one afternoon created my very own custom-made, special-to-me piece of furniture (or is it an attachment?) With a staple gun, some cut-to-order plywood, foam, batting, and a fabric scrap I picked up at my preferred upholstery shop. If I were more patient, I could have additional upholstery nails for extra glam.

A headboard can really produce the room. It’s like a bit of jewelry for your bed and based on what you do with it, it can also be a bit of artwork.

May these 13 unique, imaginative and one-of-a type headboards be just the inspiration you require.

Brooke Ulrich

All you have to produce a grid of small covered panels is plywood, a staple gun, some batting and some good picture hangers.

Design Sponge’s tricky Grace Bonney provides Martha a run for the money. Her spectacular homemade headboard demonstrates that choosing the ideal fabric makes all the difference. This was created in substantially the exact same way I created mine (plywood, staple gun, foam, batting and stunning cloth ), but using a fancier cut onto the plywood. If this appears daunting just remember this would look amazing as a big rectangle too. Here is her very helpful how-to.

A trifold room screen — minus one panel — set on its side and painted. VoilĂ .

An ornate wooden room screen produces a perfect, headboard.

perfectly imperfect

A backyard trellis provide this pale area its shabby chic cherry at the top. Just like anything that has peeling paintspray a bit like this using a sealant to maintain potentially hazardous flakes at bay prior to using it on your bedroom.

Aristea Rizakos

This is a cargo elevator door turned on its side (notice the”Danger” stencil).

Todd Davis Architecture

Look at going muted and easy about the headboard and a bit crazy on the wall. Here what is behind the headboard is equally as crucial as the headboard itself.

Meredith Heron Design

You can find old painted dividers in any salvage shop. Just remember to seal them before using them as a headboard.

Blackband Design

Unpainted shutters add to the earthy, exotic feel of the room.

Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

A large, framed piece of corkboard does double duty as a bulletin board and as a… well, as a headboard.

Moving Home To Roost

Hurray for pallets! They are generally free (check first before taking), and they make excellent places to hang things on as well.

Mature fireplace mantels are salvage shop treasures that frame an easy upholstered headboard beautifully.


In many places earthquakes prevent hanging anything remotely heavy over the bed (lest it fall onto somebody’s head throughout another tembler). This fabric art looks to be an expansion of this plain, almost invisible headboard here and provides a danger-free method to decorate the wall.

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