Decorating on a Budget: 10 Repurposing Ideas

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1 thing I really like to perform in the start of a new year is wash from the old and bring in the new. 1 way to do this with no unsuccessful or spending money is to earn things you have fresh to you. Move furniture around, give it a brand new paint job, or give it an entirely new function. Have a look at these smart members have changed up, then study your possessions with fresh eyes.


Gidget happily perches atop this smart retro dog bed (this is a wonder because she’s a really picky woman with a penchant for freshly reupholstered mid-century couches ). It was a super-stylin’ bag in a former life.

Learn how to transform your older Samsonite into a dog bed

Dreamy Whites

These weathered doors have been transformed into a gorgeous and headboard. If you only have one door, hang it horizontally at eyebrow elevation.

Cozy Little Residence

An antique sewing table is now a handy and conversation-inspiring kitchen island.

Monica Ewing

That age-old window you replaced may serve as an eye catching grid of frames. A book full of botanical plates is perfect for filling one of these.

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We have seen wooden ladders all over the house, hanging from chains to become patinaed potracks and changed into towel racks when propped against a wall. Aged paint splatters add to their appeal.

Also repurposed in this room: A burlap bag from France is now chair upholstery about the armchair.

Thomas Wold

Thomas Wold has some sort of greater calling in regards to repurposing; his work is some of the very clever, trendy, original and functional I’ve seen up to now. This secretary desk is an assemblage of lost shelves, cabinets and boxes.

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ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

This is among my all-time favorite repurposing jobs. Those magnificent rusty and crusty oversized pendant lights have been propane tanks in a former life.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Vintage tools become interesting folk-art bits when displayed in brand new ways.

Kenny Craft, CNU LEED AP

A former ski lift cable has a brand new life as a smart railing in Colorado. It’s fun to recognize that a familiar object in this way in an unexpected location.

Scheer & Co..

Don’t tell Gidget, however, someone else has swiped a potential vintage bag dog mattress and transformed it into a quirky bedside table.

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