Evoke a Tropical Fantasy the Inexpensive, Easy Way

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Sometimes the speediest seasonal decor comes in the most unexpected places. Mosquito netting is a good example. This attachment has the capability to transform any bedroom instantly to a tropical summer escape, and it’s more budget friendly than a plane ticket to your favourite island escape.

Lori Gentile Interior Design

A lovely serene nursery takes on a royal Indian vibe using a mosquito-netting-inspired canopy.

Annalea Hart

A daybed is changed to an inviting corner for a summer day nap. Who can resist pausing to reenergize here? I can imagine finding every part of their family snoozing here at some stage in the day.

Fanny Zigdon Interiors

Children’s rooms always look adorable with the addition of a decorated hooped mosquito net, and in this case a tiny fantasy is added by putting it in a corner on a small activity table.

Tip: you may add your own custom details into a mosquito net with ribbon, felt shapes and a glue gun.

Deborah French Designs

While the ready-made hoop version is the simplest to install, here’s an illustration in a Greek isles house in which mosquito netting is connected to a bar hung over the mattress.

In a space where rustic construction and furnishings set the tone, nice netting looks especially mild and beautifully manicured.

ZAK Architecture

Even though I have seen very large hoops on the market which are ideal for hanging over a double bed, in case you have a canopy, buy some netting by the lawn and go to town!

Tip: Reasonably priced mosquito netting can be made from cotton, nylon or polyester, and while some net size of 1.2 millimeters stops mosquitos, you are going to need a bigger net of .6 millimeters to stop very small insects. So if you want netting that’s beyond cosmetic, make sure that you locate the right net for your region.

Jennifer Bradford Davis Interior Design

An elegant look is accomplished here with swaths of netting hanging straight down curtain-style.

Tip: Netting can surely be hung on a pole with curtain rings for simple finishing around the mattress — a practical in addition to amazing solution, though you are going to want to utilize heavy-grade netting that won’t tear when the drapes are drawn.

Jennifer Bradford Davis Interior Design

Like the mosquito netting thought but wish to put in a tiny modern spin? Think about dip-dying the endings for some extra drama.

Dip-dying is as straightforward as whipping up a batch of dye at a skillet and dipping in the cloth finishes, though perform a test first to determine how long your cloth will have to remain in the dye, and make certain that you follow the company’s directions for setting the dye.

Corynne Pless

When summer comes to a close, you do not necessarily have to bid farewell to your mosquito netting. Add some decorative touches around the outside of the hoop or some tiny twinkling lights, and you’ll make the transition from beachfront escape to winter palace.


Bryne Internet – $19.99

Decorative mosquito nets are rather inexpensive, and you’ll be able to locate them online in addition to at locations like Ikea.


Solig Internet – $19.99

I love the look of the large hoop; it’s a refreshing take on the original smaller size above. And interestingly, it’s the exact same price.


Karlș Netting Curtain for Umbrella Р$19.99

If you’re trying to find some mosquito netting yardage, you might think about purchasing this curtain, which matches around an umbrella. So far as price per yard, it’s probably not a bad deal, and you can use it as you’d yardage off a bolt. Or just enjoy your netted umbrella as an instant outdoor space.

Pottery Barn Kids

Lavender Petal Canopy – $99

I love the fantasy garden look of the sweet little decoration, which DIYers can easily execute with felt, vinyl or fortified fabric.

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