Feng Shui for When Your Front Door Is on the West Side

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Science admits that everything, both inanimate and animate, is made up of energy. And the first law of thermodynamics states that energy wasn’t created, nor can it be destroyed — it only changes its kind. The Chinese understood this thousands of years ago. They employ the principles of energy flow into a work space or a home through the tradition of feng shui. The intent behind feng shui is to align your living space to boost the flow of life energy — chi — during it, since it’s frequently obstructed by the furniture and other objects in the space.

Mouth of Chi

The front door of your home in feng shui is the sole designed as such from the architect. Even if it is not the door utilized by one to enter the home the majority of the time, as when you enter through a garage or side door, the front door is nevertheless considered the mouth of chi, the portal by which the life force energy flows into your home. A beautiful front door welcomes chi into your home and makes it and also your life prosper.

Door to Wealth

The front door is very important when applying feng shui principles to your home. On the map or compass employed by feng shui consultants, known as the bagua, the base of the map aligns with the positioning of this front door, irrespective of its management, to supply the layout for the nine regions and dimensions of existence in your property. In the bottom middle of this nine-grid map, then you’ll discover wealth, business and career. To ensure that your west-facing door brings prosperity and wealth to the home, paint it in one of the colours that represents the metal element, like nickel, nickel, yellow-gold, beige and even terra cotta or copper.

Eliminate the Squeaks

Besides the symbolism behind the directions on the feng shui bagua map and compass, and the elements and colours associated with each management, another aspect of feng shui expects that you maintain your front door in good working order. Peeling paint, rusty hinges and frayed weatherstripping all detract from great energy flowing into your home. Should you add a screen door into the front of your home, both it and the front door itself should be painted in colors that symbolize the west and the metal element.

Open Door Policy

A door that closes gently invites the circulation of chi into your home. An outward-opening door, on the other hand, pushes it away. Reverse the hinges to the door so that it closes gently for great chi flow. Do not store anything behind the front door, to allow it to open freely into the space. To get a front door that opens into a wall, like a foyer, add a light to transfer the energy through the space. When it opens into a staircase, the chi coming down the staircase competes with the chi coming in. To fix this, then hang a wind chime or drop half the distance from the door to the staircase to diffuse the chi coming down the staircase to either side. Never put a mirror opposite the front door, as that sends the chi back out of the home.

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