Freshen Up Your Dining Room to Savor Drinks More

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One of the wonderful advantages of living in an older home is that many have a formal dining area. In some houses this is also to a eat-in kitchen or a breakfast nook, and in others it is the sole area in the house to dine. There’s something wonderful about having an entire room dedicated to loving foods. I will be honest, we do not use ours nearly enough — foods on the run or in the front of the TV (gasp) shortchange our lunch encounter too often.

One of my aims this year is to love more meals in our dining room table. Not just the large dinner parties, but average weeknight dishes deserve time in this area, also. We eat more slowly and actually taste the food. We join and linger as we talk about the day’s events.

Have a glance at some inspiring dining rooms that call for a long meal where no one rushes off to take care of the dishes.

Ellen Grasso & Sons

So many older houses have gorgeous arched doorways such as this one. This dining area echoes the curve of the door in the chandelier and table. Round tables are generally thought of to get a breakfast area, however there are formal options like this that result in a more intimate setting in a dining area.


Mixing chair styles in the exact same colour is a secure way to acquire an eclectic mix while keeping a consistent look. The oversized chalkboard on the wall is perfect for displaying the day’s menu for dinner parties.

The dark walls in this area will be striking in the evening, but the large window provides natural light and makes a very different feel throughout the day. I love the bright blue seats that keep the room from feeling overly heavy.

Additionally, notice the shelving houses wineglasses and dishes. This is a great option when you don’t have room for a big hutch.

Emily McCall

I love how this farmhouse dining table is paired with Panton seats. The crown molding and built-ins seem gorgeous from this tranquil paint job. Accents are kept simple, and the cleverest bit of colour in the area comes from the draperies.


This room uses neutral wallpaper, drapes and seats to create a calm atmosphere. Using whites, creams and grays makes the space a blank background for splashes of purple. This room serves as a fantastic background to ever-changing accents and holiday decoration — if you like changing your dining area with the seasons, then a similar palette could be a terrific idea.

The Decor Fix

This is my very own dining area. I wanted to use wallpaper to create a focal wall, but once I understood the cost of custom newspaper, my plans quickly changed. I actually produced a homemade stencil to create this Moorish-style tile layout on my wall and utilized a paint pen to follow the pattern. Four of my favourite images from a botanical publication were framed for pretty and inexpensive art.

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Restyled Home

This dining area is bright and lively, yet so put together. The oversized light fixture works nicely with the white wire chairs. Employing a number of shades of blue in exactly the exact same area gives depth to the room.

At times it’s difficult figuring out how to meet with out a blank wall in your dining area. A gallery wall of plates is a fantastic way to fill out the space and include colour.

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In case you have a smaller dining area and no room to get a liquor cupboard, a tray or a cart like this is an affordable solution; guests can help themselves to drinks.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This Michigan farmhouse has enchanting wood panels that create a rustic texture. I love how the owners included that the oversized mirror and propped it against the wall. The wildflower-filled vases are simple and work together with the mood. This chamber remains true to the age and style of the home, yet it seems chic and relevant.

Here’s to our dining rooms and the extended dishes that are served inside them!

Inform us What do you do to freshen up your dining area?

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