Great Color Combo: Indigo and Citron Green

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Nature has a pretty good eye for color pairings, and I can not think of a better example than blue and green. Just envision a tree in the peak of summer, its leafy branches halfway from a brilliant blue sky , or blue morning glories blooming along a lush vine.

Particular colour combos get a lot of design love, such as navy and kelly green or lime and turquoise. Here’s one more that deserves to be on the list of classics: indigo and citron. Both colours are nuanced and mercurial, with subtle undertones which make the mix glow. And unlike, say, robin’s egg and mint, they’re seasonless — they feel as apt in the thick of winter as in the first days of spring.

These two spaces show the mix in its very best. Which one is your favourite?

Mascheroni Construction

So subtle that it reads as a neutral, citron squares adorned up the indigo draperies and sofa inside this living space. The leather storage ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table would be the room’s secret weapon, adding a shot of power and edge.

Darci Goodman Design

Blue is your accent color in this space, helping to earth a vibrant palette which includes shots of poppy pink, lemon and tangerine.

Haisma Design Co..

Citron can be overly energetic for bedrooms, however in this one, deep indigo melts down the wall and coverlet colour. Dark, handsome woods include gravitas and twist the space in a masculine direction.

Slifer Designs

The pattern, more than the palette, catches focus first in this particular bedroom. However, when you study it, you start to appreciate the facts that infuse dark blues and elastic greens in an unobtrusive way.

FORMA Design

Vibrant green layered with moody blue generates a one-two visual punch in this area: The wall in the foreground pulls the eye in, and the walls in the background seems to recede, for the illusion of greater depth.

Texas Construction Company

Occasionally a dash of color is all you need for effect. Inky blue chairs with citron pillows anchor the fireplace wall and provide just a little weight to the airy feel of the room.

Carousel Designs

Sassy chevrons along with a crisp blue and green color scheme adeptly straddle the line between sophisticated and sweet in this nursery.

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Dsquared Creative Design Solutions

I am all for turquoise. But if this distance were mine, I would swap out the chair on the right for a second indigo variant — the comparison of the rich color with the luminous citron walls is just overly caustic to withstand.

Amy Troute Launched Interior Design

The green of this throw pillow veers toward walnut, adding a new dimension to another classic duo: yellow and blue.

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