Great Materials: Warm, Wonderful Pewter

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I have always had a soft spot for pewter. Even in its shiniest form, it’s a warmth about it that I can not resist, yet it often gets overlooked in favor of its more stately cousin silver, or newer darlings such as stainless steel and nickel nickel. It’s time to rekindle this substance that is underappreciated, ” I say. Need convincing? Continue reading.

Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interiors Design

One of the most significant things about pewter is how well it lends itself to tarnish, unlike silver, which can look as if you have a bit slack with the polish. This group appears rich against a neutral backdrop.

Meredith Ericksen

The intricate detailing on this pewter drawer pull is pitch-perfect using the yummy beading around the inset.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc..

Pewter frames are a fresh alternative to black or gilt.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Pewter nailheads in a bold pattern specify a pair of black doors and set the tone for that which lies outside.

A pewter crib adds an appealing old-fashioned note to this particular nursery.

Angela Otten; WmOhs Showrooms Inc

Pewter with this range hood provides the kitchen a sense of gravitas.

A group of pewter cups piled together gets additional oomph in the superbly nuanced variations in tarnish.

Diane Bennett Bedford

Drill a hole at a pewter serving vessel, and voila! It’s a sink.

Tracery Interiors

This informative article is as much about texture as it is about materials. The weathered appearance and thick detailing of this pewter vase falls right in step with the books and mirror frames.

The Virginia House

Sometimes, you simply require a break from decorating bombast. Straightforward pewter serveware shines in this simple hutch arrangement.

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