Guest Groups: 20 Ingredients to Get a Classic French Kitchen

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During the years we lived in Paris, I was lucky to take weekly classes with local chefs at Le Cordon Bleu. The French maintain simple, crispy kitchens and utilize the very best, freshest ingredients. Here are a few fun, helpful and inexpensive ideas to present your kitchen a few of that French flair. Mary Ann from classic•casual•house

Contemporary Coffee Makers – $249

Okay, this may not seem very cheap, but if you prefer superb java it will help save you money in the long run. 1 coffee capsule is about $.55 — compare that to Starbucks. If you like a nice café au lait in the afternoon or a after-dinner espresso, then this won’t disappoint. It is less costly than many fancier espresso machines, the design is slick and it comes in many colours too.

Porcelain Latte Bowls – $35

These enchanting”Bistro de Paris” porcelain bowls are great for oatmeal, soups, ice cream, steaming lattés or chocolat chaud. Très Français! The collection of four comes packed in a vintage-style tin. My daughter succeeded about them for Christmas.


Chef’s Vital Apron – $28

Here’s a cute and practical apron to wear while preparing votre dîner.

Cost Plus World Market

Multicolor Stacking Mugs or Espresso Cups Sets of 6 – $12.99

You will feel as if you are sipping your coffee at a café with those cups — we certainly do! They take up little storage with stainless steel racks and will go in the dishwasher.

Contemporary Milk Frothers – $99

Make perfect cold or hot milk froth in only a couple seconds. You will want to make cappuccinos for all your visitors!


LÄMPLIG Chopping Board – $9.99

We have this wooden cutting board on the counter beside the stove. What a great price! Looks good as it ages too.

Sur La Table

Provençal Bee Glass – $8.95

These hardy glasses are enjoyable to serve wine for a casual dinner. Embellished with bees, they are from the glass maker in France.


Covered Butter Dish – $24

Serve room temperature butter to your baguette inside this rather, vintage-looking dish.


Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liner – $24.95

A staple! All the French patisserie chefs utilize these flexible, nonstick (does not have to be greased), reusable liners — they are great for cookies, biscuits or croissants.


Small French Wire Whisk – $7.95

This can be an indispensable tool for whipping up fresh salad dressings or eggs for omelets.


12″ Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet – $18.99

You will want to have an economical, heavy skillet to sear and cook meats such as beef au poivre. This is just another French kitchen staple.


Horta Champagne Glass – $12

How elegant will you feel sipping champagne from this detailed but reasonably-priced flute?

Madame/Monsieur Napkin Rings – $38

At our next dinner party, I will use these for to get a”boy-girl-boy-girl” seating arrangement. Cute!

Pottery Barn

Striped Fringe Napkins, Set of 4 – $49

The French save on paper products, and just how elegant is to utilize these monogrammed napkins every day? Comes with free monogramming — I need these!


Large Rectangle Slate Board – $24.95

A cheese course after the dish and before a candy dessert is customary in France. You can serve gourmet cakes with style on those slate cutting boards.


Laguiole Cheese Knives – $32

Laguiole is a famed French cutlery company dating back to 1829. We have some pieces much like those and use them all the time for cheese and appetizers.


French Rolling Pin – $9.95

What better way to roll out your tart pastry?


Nonstick Rectangular Tart Pan – $27

I use this pan to make lemon tarts out of a recipe that I discovered in Paris. You might also impress your friends with a few gorgeous fruit tarts. The ruffled sides make for simple removal.

Williams-Sonoma Home

De Buyer French Steel Crepe Pan | Williams Sonoma – $24.95

This makes a fun gift for the crêpe lover! My son enjoys his filled with Nutella and chopped bananas.

Brook Farm General Store

French Market Basket – $40

This classic managed basket is much like the one that I got in Provence. Add some panache to your grocery shopping! Can not you just see new flowers peeking on one side of the bag and a baguette on the opposite? Trés posh .

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