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Decorators consistently borrow from the trends occurring in fashion, and now neon is making a major comeback on the runways. Including neon elements on your decor may seem daunting for people unaccustomed to bold colors. However, by pairing bright pinks and yellows with neutral tones and keeping shapes clean and easy, everyone may add a fluorescent pop of colour in their home.
— Kate from DomestiKated Life


Elephant by The Good Machinery – $59

Neon may be a hard colour to commit to in decorating. Nestling little, sculptural elements such as this neon pink elephant to a bookcase will add highlights of this bold colour without overpowering the space.

Urban Outfitters

Coloring Book Floral Sham – Set of 2 – $30

The pops of neon roses on top of the black and white pattern give this a fun, feminine vibe. Using such strong colors in bedding usually means that the remaining part of the furniture ought to be easy and neutral.


Nanna Ditzel Model 83L Settee

This mid-century bit is upholstered in bright orange and acid. The strong colors work with the very simple shape and teak frame. It could be a major statement bit to design a space around.


Blooms for your Room Pillow – $34.99

A retro-inspired floral print in acid green colors would be perfect to throw on a neutral sofa or sofa.


Pink Geometric Design Cushion Cover by Aqua Door Designs – $31

A timeless tile pattern on natural linen is modernized with neon pink — as even the most traditional homes may use a jolt of color.

Urban Outfitters

Faline Lamp Base

There is a kitschy humor to a hot pink fawn turned lamp, and also the high-gloss end makes it look contemporary.


Neon Orange Cord Hanging Pendant by Earth Sea Warrior – $85

Neon may also look very industrial and contemporary. And example is this sleek neon orange hanging pendant light with a chrome bulb.

Furbish Studio

French Chairs – $1,100

A pair of classic chairs refurbished with new upholstery in a graphic, neon pink print equilibrium new and old. I imagine these in the head of a sleek dining room table.


Rose Vase Neon Yellow – $4.99

Adding a sharp neon yellow vase with soft natural pink flowers produces a strong contrast and might look fantastic on a entryway table.

Furbish Studio

Bijou Bright Antler Establish – $105

I love this set of antlers mounted on wooden neon plaques. Clustered together on a wall they create a larger statement.


Cameo Fluorescent Silhouettes Screenprint by HHOP – $25

Artwork is a great way to introduce bold colors to a space. This piece combines neon pink and glowing orange for a major impact.


Neon Pink Moka Express Printing by Mengsel Design – $80

The bright repetition of coffee manufacturers within this print makes for a graphic piece good for a kitchen wall.


Yellow Fluo Salt and Pepper Shaker Set – $95

Add a very small touch of neon to the dinner table with bold pepper and salt shakers in bright yellow.


Oh Deer Cotton Tea Towel by Oelwein – $21

Another way to add a touch of neon to the kitchen is with textiles, similar to this dish towel with pink ink on french cotton.


Tart Server – $15

Neon colors add vibrancy and are perfect for celebrations. Keeping a neon tart server on hand, such as those in orange and fuchsia, would be great for livening up a party having colour.

Design Public

Kontextür Blossom Shower Curtain in Vivid Pink – $195

This hot pink shower curtain might help spice up dull white tiles in a toilet.

Design Public

Kontextür Neon+Squared Curtain Rings – $50

To get a smaller touch of neon in the bathroom, make use of glowing curtain rings to maintain a clean white shower curtain. These may also be used in different rooms to brighten up complete drapes.

Urban Outfitters

Elephant Watering Can – $12

A fuchsia pink watering is a playful, very low commitment approach to add some colour.

Pop Louis Side Chairs – $395

For the truly bold, you can mix and match a lot of neon tones together with the timeless expression of this Louis chair. These come in several colors and have a sleek, updated look.


Bright Pink Japanese Washi Tape – $3.75

And for really low commitment neon, I say go out and grab some blue pink Japanese washi tape and dress up frames, boxes, notebooks or whatever you might get your hands on. It peels off easily and also will allow you to test out a little neon on your decor.

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