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If my finances (three expensive kids) and dwelling area were as unlimited as my creativity, I would use these 20 pieces to make a cool, contemporary, unisex playroom. Then I’d shut my kids in there while I had a quiet cup of tea. Oryou knowchocolate. — Rita from Struggling Off Frumpy


Kirby Cabinet by Bad Apple Furniture Co. – $140

I dig this adorable storage idea and the fact that these are searchable and interlocking. They also come in a slew of colors, exactly like the cubes they are patterned after.


Kirby Toy Box by Bad Apple Furniture Co. – $200

What playroom does not require a toybox? This one coordinates with the storage cubbies, although it clearly isn’t stackable. I like that the lid includes a safety hinge so no little fingers become pinched — less crying for you to deal with!


Expedit Bookcase | IKEA – $129

I love this bookcase is really flexible. It is not only ideal for books, but also great for heaps of board games or removable storage bags.


LEKMAN Box – $9.99

These boxes match inside the bookcase to conceal even the rattiest of the toys.

The Land of Nod

Children Reversible White Chalkboard Table – $89.99

This table is fun and practical. The top is a reversible chalkboard, and its own concealed storage area can hold all kinds of chalk or other goodies. It’s also made of a durable and easy-to-wipe fiberboard, which is a definite plus.


Wall Mount Fish Bowl Aquarium Tank – $87.98

This is just an wonderful touch for a playroom. It is whimsical and adds life to the space. It’s also great for teaching even the youngest kids responsibility — as long as you are able to expect them to not dump in a whole container of fish food.

Mythic Paint

Sunny Side Up Paint – $6.99

This sunny yellow paint would make a playroom feel hot, joyful and inviting. Even better, it’s nontoxic, odorless and scrubbable (which means it will resist peanut butter, crayons or whatever else your kids would wipe around it).


Modern Alphabet and Numbers Kids Wall Art from Parada Creations – $21

I’m in love with the bold, bright, cheery colors of the print. And needless to say, it never hurts to convince your little ones with lettersbefore they can read or write.


Everybody yearns by Parada Creations – $21

What goes great with the letter printing? A number publish, of course!

Rugs Direct

Milliken Modern Times Sinclair 7521 Summer Night Rug – $48.75

The colors of the rug coordinate with the colors in the wall art and tie it all together. Also, it’s not so active it hurts your eyes.

Elite Fixtures

Besa Lighting One Light Nickel Down Mini Pendant Tara, Blue Cloud – $369

Why pendant lighting? Because they just look cool. I particularly like the way this one includes a curved stem which echoes the curvy pattern at the carpet.


Mainstays Microfiber Valance, Red Sedona – $7.47

These valances are simple, bright and easy to maintain — the ideal framework for a playroom window.

Rosenberry Rooms

Simple Stripe Picture Frame at Night – $36

These frames would be ideal for displaying photos of the kids, someone or something they love, or their art.

Ultimate Sack

Kids Bean Bag Chair – $325

A massive beanbag? Yes, please! I can’t imagine a playroom without a beanbag for reading, lounging, gaming, napping or whatever else a child can dream up.

Children’s & Kids’ Furniture

Children Gaming Stand in Pistachio & Lotion Finish – $119.25

This is the ideal little TV and gaming console. It is not a massive space-hog, but it still has lots of room to hold all that gaming stuff that is usually flung around anyplace. I like that the trunk is open so you can just slip the cords neatly through.


Painted Wooden Wall Letters by Letters For You $2.69

Wall letters are a fun way to customize a playroom. You could explain the kids’ titles, or perhaps a helpful reminder like”Don’t come out until I call you.”


Ribba Picture Ledge, White – $9.99

This is a picture ledge, but in addition, it looks like a fantastic place to put baskets of finger paints, jars of crayons or paintbrushes, and other art materials. It would be ideal mounted over a table.


Mammut Children’s Stool | IKEA – $7.99

This tiny stool could be great for additional seating, or for getting hard-to-reach items, or for pretending to be a lion tamer, or…

Upholstered Indoor Swing

Why not swing inside? At a playroom (nearly ) anything should be possible! This would attract one of the kids’ favourite outdoor activities inside for all kinds of weather.


A+ Childsupply Prince Edward Sofa Set – 3 Piece – $450

This sofa set is just the right size for kids. It is vinyl, which means it can resist a scrub-down. But first and foremost, it’s adorable!

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