How to eradicate Wild Strawberries in Grass

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Wild strawberries (Fragaria virginiana) are somewhat common lawn pest and difficult to control. Like the strawberries we like eating in the summertime, wild strawberries spread by stolons. Since it’s a perennial plant, it reseeds itself and new plants appear in spring. Small wild strawberry infestations can be mechanically controlled by hand-pulling the entire plant in the soil. Mechanical control of larger infestations is time consuming and typically ineffective. Repeated usage of pesticides, nevertheless, may do just fine.

Purchase a broad-leaf weed herbicide that includes a mix of three unique herbicides, like 2,4-D, dicamba and MCPP, which specifically lists wild strawberries as a goal weed

Pour the required amount of water into the sprayer, and slowly add the herbicide. Swirl the cylinder as you add the solution and through program.

Apply the herbicide, in accordance with label instructions, once the strawberries are growing vigorously — usually at the middle of spring into summer.

Wait at least 24 hours following application to water the grass.

Reapply the herbicide in the interval suggested on the tag.

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