How to Prevent Pest Infestations

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One of the most annoying things about summer is the ever-present threat of pest infestation. It’s as if all kinds of pests come out of hibernation during this season, and if you end up with a pest problem, then it can put a real damper on your summer plans.

The good news is that we’ve got some great Phoenix pest control tips, sourced from the pros, which you can use to effectively manage a pest infestation, as well as some practical steps that you can take to avoid it altogether. The best part is that these tips are equally relevant and effective for both residential and office spaces.

One of the biggest drawing cards for ants is leftovers, and they’ll literally travel from miles away to nibble on the poorly stored food in your home. The best way to keep ants at bay is to put your food inside airtight containers, such as tightly sealed mason jars or Tupperware sets.

Your trash bin should always stay closed so as to prevent odors from escaping and attracting insects. Make sure to send your garbage to an outdoor dumpster before it gets too full.

Regularly check the vents, walls and foundation for holes or cracks that pests can use as an entryway.  Then, immediately close any cavities that you come across to avoid having any unwelcome ‘visitors’ to your house or office.

Be a conscious consumer and check dried food packages for pests like moths, beetles or worms before you make a purchase.

Position the trees and shrubbery in your landscaping away from openings like doors and windows, as pests often use them as a bridge to get into your house or office space.

An essential component of any effective pest control Phoenix AZ strategy is to avoid having any standing water in your property, as that creates a breeding ground for all kinds of pests. This means regularly checking for leaks in your pipes, appliances and faucets, and then fixing them as soon as you find them.

Keep your surfaces crumb-free by wiping down your tables, countertops and floors on a frequent basis.

Install screens on your doors and windows to repel mosquitos while still getting a good supply of fresh air.

Don’t keep scraps of wood inside your house or office, as that may attract termites and beetles.

Frequently declutter your home to reduce the number of hiding spots available for pests, as they typically like to escape into shadowy places.

During the summer, invest in pest control products to prevent pests from proliferating, such as sprays, zappers and even sticky paper.

To avoid a flea infestation, inspect your pets for fleas every day before they enter the house, because once they find their way in, fleas spread like wildfire and they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Repeatedly vacuum your home on a regular basis to reduce the spread of pests.

When entertaining or relaxing outside, light up some citronella candles to repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy a peaceful time.

When doing your landscaping, pest control Phoenix specialists recommend using rocks or gravel instead of wood mulch to keep terminates at bay.