How to Remodel Your Small Bathroom Efficiently

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You need to plan well for a small bathroom remodel. If you don’t put in the required efforts and time to plan the painters Denver, CO, then things might not go as good as you had imagined they would. However, if you plan and strategize well, you will be amazed with the lovely results that you will get.

Here’s how to go about it.

What Are Your Goals?

This will be determined by who will use the bathroom and why they will use it. Start by defining who will use it. It can be you, your kids, and guests or even a disabled member of the family. Your bathroom and that for disabled people will need a lot more work and stuff than the one for kids and visitors.

Make a Plan

You need to have a Denver painters plan. Plan for this floor space, though you will need to keep the toilet, sinks and tub in place. Find out how much space you have for cabinets and order custom sized ones or pre-made ones that can fit into the available space.

You also need to plan what kind of wall tiling and flooring, painting and tile backsplash you will use.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

– Do It Yourself – This is a good option if you have the spare time to work on the bathroom on your own. It’s also ideal if you have a secondary bathroom that you can use while you work on this one, since this is your primary bathroom, you cannot afford too much downtime.

– Expert Help – If you have to deal with electrical rewiring and plumbing, call in the experts. You might spend as little as $18,000 if you hire a professional painting contractors Denver, CO contractor and you use high-quality materials.

– DIY/Expert Help Combination – The expert can do some of the heavy-duty work in the bathroom and you can do the much easier stuff. Just make sure to work on the bathroom before or after the expert works on it, as it will be hard for both of you to work on it at the same time.


Demolishing the bathroom can take up to 3 days. Hire a roll off dumpster where you can throw all the materials and have them hauled away so that they don’t just sit there on your driveway.

Plumbing and Electrical

You will need to hire an electrician and plumber if you are going to open up the walls. These professionals should be able to handle the actual work plus ensure that you get all the relevant permits for making changes in the building.

Flooring, Cabinets, Sinks, Vanity

You can handle all these tasks on your own if you are a handy person and you like working on DIY projects. However, if you are not into this kind of thing, then let a professional handle the remaining details. This includes performing tasks such as repainting walls, installing cabinets, sinks, flooring and tiling.


You are quite likely to be able to handle this on your own. This involves decorating the bathroom with things like a mirror, towel rack and hardware for your cabinets.