Separating a Studio Apartment With Fabric

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In urban property markets in which square footage is almost priced in oz of gold, people often opt for studio flats. Though one-room living appears worthwhile while you are out enjoying all the city has to offer, there are times when you’ll want more privacy. You may want private time off from your partner, or just to hide your bed if you amuse. Separating a studio apartment with fabric along with a ceiling-mounted curtain track is one of the easiest ways to divide the distance.

Measure the width of the space where you’ll hang the fabric divider to ascertain the width of the curtain track you’ll need to use. If you are installing the divider across the entire space, then measure from wall to wall. Use a metal tape measure for accuracy.

Draw a pencil line throughout the ceiling to indicate the location where you’ll mount the curtain track. Use a straight edge or level to keep the line straight.

Mount the curtain track on the ceiling, according to the manufacturer’s directions. Mounting hardware varies by manufacturer. Guarantee that the gliders–the sliding hooks or snaps that hold the fabric panelsare in place before you hang the track. Use a drill to make the installation easier.

Measure the distance in the gliders to the ground to ascertain the finished length of the fabric panels. Multiply the width of the curtain track by two or three for the entire width of all the fabric panels combined, based on the fullness you want. If you utilize unfinished fabric, allow a inch on all four sides once you calculate the yardage.

Hem readymade drapes to completed length, or hem all four sides of bare fabric panels. Twist 1/2 inch of fabric over, and iron it flat. Twist it over a second 1/2 inch, and also fasten the fold with pins before hemming. Choose thread which matches the fabric.

Stitch small rings or snap tape, based upon the gliders, to the peak of each fabric panel. Determine ring placement by dividing the entire width in inches of all the fabric panels by the number of gliders on the curtain track. The outcome is the number of inches you need to allow between the rings.

Hang the fabric panels in the curtain track by slipping the rings across the glider pins or by connecting the snaps. Smooth any wrinkles in the fabric with your hands. Close the panels to divide the studio apartment to separate rooms, or open them to enjoy wide-open space.

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