Smart Back-to-School Storage: Wicker Baskets

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If you have children, getting organized for the school year is a labour of love. You not only need to get ready for chaotic action schedules and homework, but also for all of the things that comes along with it. I like to use wicker baskets within my home to keep up with my kids’ school notes and documents, art, toys, books and more. Wicker baskets aren’t just stylish, but since they are woven from stiff fiber like plastic, jagged paper fiber, willow branches, canes or reeds, they are lightweight and sturdy (read really child friendly).

Below are a few ways to incorporate a wicker basket in your life, corral a number of that school things, and teach your children how to do get organized, also.

Pottery Barn Kids

Sabrina Basket Chalkboard Labels – $10

Kid pit stop. Add labeled baskets where your children can pick up significant school things before they catch their backpacks. Labeling informs each kid what’s in the basket or whose basket it’s. Pottery Barn Kids sells adorable labels that work together with their baskets. (Currently on backorder through Oct. 3, 2011). Or create your own chalkboard labels.

Bed trunk. Utilize a wicker mattress back in a child’s bedroom as additional storage for toys, bed linens, additional seasonal clothes or whatever your kid needs. Its lightweight construction means a youthful one can not get hurt opening or closing it, and may even play hide and seek inside. It’ll grow with your kid through recent years.

Tina Kuhlmann

Laundry clutter. Do your children things their clothes filled with coins, hair clips and small toys, then leave them in the laundry room? Put out tagged wicker baskets to hold each child’s loose clutter in order that they can find their items and not need to ask you where they are over and over again.

Kitchens & Baths Unlimited

Get children to separate whites from brights. Get two large wicker baskets (low and broad if you’ve got room; tall and narrow, if you don’t) and start teaching your children the best way to type the laundry. Label each jar, use two separate colored baskets, or paint the grips of each basket distinct colours, like white for the whites basket along with a bright colour of your choice for another.

Amy Lambert Lee

Hidden storage in grown-up rooms. If you discover you have to keep toys, novels, and games in your family or living rooms, conceal them in a decorative basket. The woven material is considerably more stylish than the plastic or fabric bin.

Hang and use for the vacations. Wide tray-like baskets are fantastic for putting children’ craft stuff for when they want to do a job at the table. They also are great for carrying washed fruit or turning a quick bite item to a vibrant centerpiece. It is possible to hang the baskets on the wall for a few gorgeous texture and also to get them out of the way. Your children can easily grab one themselves without worrying about breaking it.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Diaper clutter. At a nursery, use wicker baskets to store all the diapers, baby soaps and wipes. Put it near or on the table.

Stuffed-animal mayhem. Utilize a wicker basket to hold all those little stuffed creatures in a nursery school. The soft, lightweight material is perfect for the space.

Home & Harmony

Hide out it in the open. Because wicker baskets look so warm and natural they look good tucked under a open accent table or high-legged bench. These baskets come in many sizes to fit any of your requirements.

Urrutia Design

Bathroom duty. For bathrooms without a linen closet, a tall wicker basket may hold additional toilet paper and hand towels and still look great. Your child can easily catch from the basket, also. I enjoy the Beachcomber Collection of baskets from Pottery Barn.

Ballard Designs

Market Nesting Baskets, Set of 3 – $99

They come in sets of threes. I enjoy the appearance of these Ballard Market Nesting Baskets, and I think this is a good purchase for three. You can keep art supplies in the small model and sketch pads and loose toys in the bigger one.

African Prayer Hamper – Large – Traveler’s Collection – $168

Interesting payable. Give children their own hamper.This African prayer hamper with a stunning pattern of colour could be cute in a children bedroom or toilet.

Splendid Willow

Ikat Baskets – $39

Hold loose kids’ art to arrange later. My kid brings home a lot of crafty artwork. I’ve given up on figuring out exactly what to do with it all immediately, so I put it in a large tall wicker basket, and then type it throughout the year. These white dipped barrel baskets by Wisteria are great searching for this purpose.

Shoshana Gosselin

White Dipped Round Tray Baskets – $19

Remote-control holder. No more asking the question,”Where’s the remote?” A little wicker basket holds all our remotes. I’m digging this round, two-toned one.

Neiman Taber Architects

A”don’t-forget” basket. Set a basket near the front door for library books and DVDs that have to be returned.

Rattan Measure Basket – $49

A”don’t forget” stairway basket. Keep important things in a basket meant for your staircase. As you run down the stairwell in a rush, you are guaranteed to see the things that you should not neglect to bring from the home with you: the dance shoes, a swimsuit or the new cleats.

CBI Design Professionals, Inc..

Establish the table, kids. Put napkins in a wicker basket and put in your countertop where your family members can easily locate them. Should you ask your children to help place the table frequently, they could quickly catch the basket of napkins and place them outside on the table.

Write to me personally. Position memo paper and a pen in a little basket on your kitchen countertop so that your children have no justification when asked why they did not leave a note!


African Market Basket – $49

Pet clutter. Like children, pets also gather toys. Locate a wicker basket low to the floor so that he or she (and you) can get to them. All these baskets, showcased here with farmer’s market vegetables, would make good storage for the pets’ favorite things, also.

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