Soak in the Good Life Using Swim-Up Pool Counters

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As I sit here in humid 90-degree Atlanta summer heat (actually, hiding inside the air conditioning, frettting over Vitamin D deficiency), I am dreaming about enjoying a frozen beverage while submerged in a cool body of water. Counters involving pools and outdoor kitchens, pavilions with televisions, and even a cottage using a swim-up deck create taking a cooling swim that much more fun — and more social. Have a rest from your work for a few minutes and daydream about a dip. And if you are fortunate enough to be creating your swimming pool fantasies a reality, consider a few of these factors when making your own plans.

Sage Design Studios, Inc..

Jonathan Spears of Sage Design Studios explains that there are lots of elements to consider when incorporating a counter, like the height from each side of the counter surface, the spacing between the underwater stools and the wall surface underneath the counter (it should have a smooth finish which will not scratch bare knees).

These gorgeous underwater counter stools have to be planned. “In places like Malibu, the pillar structure includes tubes dug to the base that provide the types,” he states. He then covered the concrete strands using a gorgeous tile which adds pattern to the watery palette.

Sage Design Studios, Inc..

Spears also cautions about scorching countertops. “If the counter is not covered by shade, be certain to use a porous substance like tumbled travertine to keep it from becoming too hot and burning the skin.”

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

An outdoor kitchen would be your greatest swim-up companion. Simply listen to your mother and give yourself a half-hour to digest. If you have been using a hot dog in the poolside, be careful.

Downunda Pools

Obviously and paradoxically, the “dry” side of the counter is where you should be imbibing spirits, but enjoying a piƱa colada on a hot day by the wet side might be too tempting. In the event you opt to drink while soaking, be very careful and do not overdo it. Also, the pool should be shallow enough for those indulging in food and spirits to take a slow and steady stroll through out the water to dry soil.

Earthline Design Landscape Architecture

A pavilion over this counter provides a shady side and a sunny side. Those cooling off in the water may enjoy direct sunlight; those that are working hard making margaritas or who forgot their bathing suits may enjoy the colour.

Derrick Architecture

Counter height in the side is an important consideration. The normal kitchen counter indoors is 36 inches high, while the normal bar height is 42 inches.

Derrick Architecture

Pavilions also offer colour for viewing a flat screen. Those who like this pool at the Ozarks may also love watching the Cardinals play whenever they cool off.

Okanagan Fantasy Builders Ltd..

This pool’s thoughtful design has a large, shallow place for lounging in only a few inches of water in addition to the underwater counter stools.

Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

The owners of the floating house on Lake Union in Seattle tend to kayak rather than float up to their own home, but these large glass garage doors make it feasible to dive in the living room.

Watch the rest of the home

Highline Partners, Ltd

This swim-up cottage is surrounded by a manmade pond. The owners may dip into it directly off the deck, and it’s also stocked with trout for fishing.

I talked with house builder Todd Thesing of Highline Partners, who explained that his team completed extensive studies regarding pond degrees and evaporation rates before construction, and that the house stays on its own base that’s watertight and designed to handle a catastrophic water scenario. We are going to be seeing more of the house at a future Tour feature.

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