The best way to Operate an Attic Fan

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A warm, summer day super-heats the air of the attic, elevating temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, creating cooling your house a losing fight. That pool of air that is warmed continuously presses back on the great air in your house, forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder, longer. Some folks set their attic fan to perform through the warmth of the day. This low-cost equipment pulls outdoors, in cooler and pulls warm, stagnant air from the attic. This continuous movement of air retains cooler lowers space temperatures and can help you save money in your bill.

Look for the attic fan control box. It seems just like a tiny, wall-mounted thermostat.

Turn the thermostat dial to the “Great” environment, selecting the level of cooling you want. Some handle containers have the others a round slide handle, an electronic thermostat. Turn the slide or press the buttons on the thermostat to select the environment that is preferred.

Run the attic lover from late-morning; during the hours of the day to late afternoon.

Switch off the attic lover by pressing the “Off” switch on the handle box.

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