The best way to Repot a Too Large Cyclamen Plant

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Cyclamens prosper through the cooler, overcast climate in coastal areas of U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 9 and 10. It’s possible for you to plant cyclamens in the lawn, in the event that you place them outside in pots, but you’ll get more impact. It is possible to keep them indoors as a house plant. As perennials but the root needs a summer dormancy period to re-fuel, cyclamens increase. Transplanting right into a pot should happen only through the period. Repotting the tuber when the whole pot is filled in by the tuber, or every two years, guarantees the plant has space to spread a root system out without getting crowded. Select a container that’s 1-inch greater in diameter than the existing pot of the cyclamen. Choose a pot with at least one hole that is bottom.

Fill the bottom-half of the pot using a peat- .

Lift the tuber that is dormant in the pot that is old. Damp although brush off as old soil as possible, however don’t rinse the tuber.

Set the tuber on leading the soil blend in the container that is new. Before the very best of the tuber sits 1 inch under the the pot rim adjust the soil depth under the the tuber.

Fill in till only the top-half of the protrudes over the soil surface across the tuber with increased soil blend. Firm the soil throughout the tuber together with your hands.

Place the cyclamen that is re-potted in a shaded location, both outside or within. Watering in the fall when the new stems and leaves start to arise.

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