The way to Add Legs to a Vanity Without Legs

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Adding legs to your free-standing vanity may provide it a traditional or modern look with furniture which complement the design of the vanity. Those people who have woodworking expertise and tools may make a foundation with legs in almost any fashion. To get a do-it-yourself homeowner, the easiest way to alter a vanity is with manufactured legs which screw into mounts at the bottom of the vanity. The legs are available in many different fashions at many home centers. In a short while, you will have a new-look dressing table.

Take everything from the dressing table, and lay it on its back. Set up a power or cordless drill using screw-tip attachment.

Attach a furniture-leg bracket at the rim of the underside of the vanity at every corner using 1-inch wood screws at each one of the machined holes in the base of a bracket.

Expand the lag-thread finish of a metallic insert shank into the supplied pilot hole at the peak of a furniture leg by hand. Grip the unthreaded portion at the middle of the shank with adjustable pliers. Don’t grip the upper end that has machined threads or you could damage the threads. Tighten the shank clockwise into the elbow. Repeat this measure, and install a shank into the tops of their remaining legs.

Screw the threaded end of the shank clockwise into the threaded hole at the middle of a bracket. Tighten the leg by hand. Repeat this measure, and attach the remaining legs at the remaining brackets.

Ask a helper to help lift the dressing table upright, and place it in place.

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