Things to Know About Renter's Insurance

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A candle is left burning, or a electrical connection smolders within an adjacent apartment and your flat is finally destroyed. Who’d pay for the damages? The physical structure and related fixtures owned by the landlord are probably covered by a homeowner’s policy, but your belongings aren’t. Having a tenant’s insurance policy would supply you with some reimbursement in the event a disaster occurs.

Personal Belongings

Furniture, jewelry, electronics and clothes are a few of the belongings many tenants value, in addition to sentimental items like photos and souvenirs. While a tenant’s insurance policy can’t replace memories, it can help cushion the blow of a reduction due to fire or theft. Every single tribe in a rental unit should have an individual policy to insure his belongings.


If it appears to be your flat where a candle is left burning or the tub overflows, you may be found negligent and held responsible for the damages by the landlord or another tenant. Having a tenant’s insurance policy in place provides you with some protection as a tenant against claims of negligence.The insurance company will compensate another party for a few or all of the damages. In the end, the insurance company will also require compensation, based on the amount of negligence determined by its own investigations.

Additional Protections

In addition to negligence and personal property policies, tenant’s insurance can cover liability claims if you harm someone else or damage their personal property. Furthermore, if another individual has been hurt, unintentionally or otherwise, while in your rental unit, a tenant’s insurance policy may provide protection against claims or lawsuits. Some tenants’ policies offer relief from bogus credit card transactions in most cases of theft.


Tenants living on a limited budget and paying California’s prices to rent may be hesitant to add an insurance premium to their monthly invoices. By taking the time to question a few insurance companies about their rates and estimating the value of your ownership, you may be amazed just how little it costs to obtain renter’s insuranceplan. In 2010, a tenant’s policy covering $35,000 value of assets in Burbank begins at $168 annually with a $250 deductible, according to a poll by the California Department of Insurance. By selecting a higher deductible or consolidating coverage with an present auto or life insurance policy, rates may be even lower.


To ascertain how much coverage you require, make a list of your own possessions. If possible, contain notes about when the item was bought and how much it cost at the moment. Bear in mind that a few things appreciate in value, such as jewellery, but some depreciate, such as clothes and computers. An insurance agent can help estimate the value of your stock and choose adequate coverage. Once the list is complete, keep a copy in a safe place outside your home and consider including photos of their most precious products.

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