What Do I Put in the Northeast Section of My Northeast Bedroom for Feng Shui?

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In feng shui, the northeast is the direction that represents knowledge, comfort, contemplation and spirituality. The ancient Oriental art of placement assigns the northeast the number 8, the element earth, and the colours yellow, brown and orange. When a bedroom is located at the northeast area of the house and you intend to decorate the northeast area of the bedroom, highlight the qualities embodied in the direction. Balance northeast area and bedroom feng shui practices for restful sleep and great fortune.

Start with the Bed

Bed placement is the most important factor in feng shui arrangement. Only when the bed is at the optimal place for healthful flowing chi are the other feng shui practices applied. The bed should be placed with a solid wall behind the headboard — never a window — and angled so that the occupant has a fantastic view of the main entrance of the room. Leave space on either side of the bed rather than pushing it against a wall. Don’t sleep with your toes pointing at the door — that is the traditional feet-first way in which the undertaker picks up the lifeless and eliminates them from the space — no tempting fate. Don’t sleep facing an open cabinet door or a bathroom door, if possible. And maintain the bottom of the bed loose — no concealing storage under the bed skirt.

Know Your Northeast

Once the bed is optimally aligned with the power flow inside the room, consider that northeast corner and what it represents. The feng shui bagua map is that the grid positioned over the design of a house or a single room to divide it into energy places. The northeast is the knowledge place — it is strongly aligned with advice, skill, contemplation, wisdom and spirituality. Whatever you place in that area should enhance the strong qualities of the direction and the elements that are associated with it. Northeast’s number 8 means good fortune, and it is linked to earth, the element of the Terrain. Clay, dirt and pictures of hills and mountains all call upon earth energy, as does the color yellow and related earth colors orange and brown or beige. Clay pots, porcelain vases, ceramic bowls or statues, photographs of those mountains — some of these can concentrate the knowledge energy in that portion of the bedroom.

Placement for Power

The Parking positioning of the bedroom at the house indicates that great colors for your bedroom might be a restful maize or cream, soft apricot, taupe, linen or mushroom — all of earth colours. The knowledge and contemplation corner of the space itself is an ideal spot for the altar or motivational grouping of objects and a meditation cushion. Meditation altars may hold pictures of deities, saints or loved ones; a collection of found treasures from nature, such as an intriguing rock or crystal or an abandoned bird’s nest; a hand-thrown clay bowl along with a candleholder and tea light or candle. Another strong selection for that part of the bedroom is a cozy reading chair, lamp table or shelf to hold books.

Doubles Partner

The bedroom is the 2nd most powerful portion of a house, second only to the major entrance for encouraging healthy chi. So concentrate on traditional furniture placement and employing the northeast section of the space to magnify the qualities of knowledge and spirituality, but remember other significant feng shui precepts when putting objects in the space. If you would like to locate or deepen a relationship, choose pairs of things, never a solo object or image of a lone person or item. Display two ceramic bowls on a nightstand or dresser, pictures of 2 birds in a double rainbow, two cushions on a bed sized larger than a twin. Keep litter under control to protect the free flow of power and fortify the peaceful and positive vibe of a carefully organized and balanced Terrain bedroom.

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