When Green Bell Peppers Switch Red Are They Really Overdone?

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The fruits of the common sweet bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) undergo several color phases as they ripen. The fruits, or peppers, start out green turn deep green and finally red. Many times, food markets display red and green peppers side by side as if they are different varieties, but they’re not. Red peppers are just the stage of peppers. Peppers can become overripe, however.

Ripeness Stages

Bell peppers can be eaten in any stage of development, when they are permitted to mature to full-ripe reddish, but they are more tasty and nutritious. A ripe but not overdone red bell pepper includes a vibrant color, firm flesh and deep feel that withstands pressure. An red bell pepper is soft and mushy, has wrinkles and may display stains and other flaws. A brand new red bell pepper should remain fresh for one or two weeks in a fridge.

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