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Zinc, a flexible metal, can be used on its own or combined with aluminum, lead, tin or aluminum when used as an alloy. Iron nails dipped in zinc keep rust at bay, and large surface areas could be electroplated with zinc to make them less prone to corrosion. The practice of coating objects in zinc is known as galvanizing. Zinc can also be used in strong sheets for roofing, flashing and countertops, and can be cast into ornamental shapes.

Josh Wynne Construction

Strong zinc makes an appealing industrial-looking counter substance. Though it’s brittle, it can be bent and soldered to fit into the space.

Studio William Hefner

Strong zinc sheets could be bonded to a plywood substrate. When polished, zinc is often as glistening as chrome.

Carlos Delgado Architect

Galvanized steel has a thin coating of zinc but isn’t good zinc. With no zinc coating, the steel would rust.

Teton Heritage Builders

It can be difficult to tell whether a surface is strong zinc or coated with zinc, however, the two options are antimicrobial, which makes them a fantastic choice for kitchens and baths.

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