A 'Shoe-in' for Creativity in Brooklyn

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It’s no surprise that Isobel Schofield, the creative mind behind Bryr clogs, lives in an apartment as magical as her handmade shoes. Located in the quiet area of Cobble Hill, Brookyln, Schofield’s 750-square-foot joint apartment and workplace shows off her commitment to handmade details. An eclectic mix of budget-friendly furnishings, DIY projects and a miniature shoe showroom makes for a warm and imaginative feeling.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Isobel Schofield and her puppy, Billie
Location: Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn, New York
Size: About 750 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and an office

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Schofield, found here, made her small space with multipurpose purpose in mind. The dining area and kitchen is right behind her, as well as one of her current DIY jobs: a miniature showroom to show her most recent shoe designs.

“Fortunately my landlady is excellent and I could do most anything here so long as I returned it back to white when I opt to leave,” says Schofield. She discovered that the dining table and chairs from an architectural salvage yard in Los Angeles.

Shelves: Home Depot; red seat: Bliss Chair-and-a-Half, West Elm

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Schofield paid close attention to the major living area inside the entrance — what she calls the “landing strip” An outer vestibule helps keep clutter outside.

“Keeping one little space uncluttered [adds] into the feeling of cleanliness and order for the entire area — it really sets the tone,” she states.

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This miniature showroom makes use of a nook between the living room and the kitchen. A chalkboard-painted wall, spray painted Home Depot mounts and stained wood bits screen Schofield’s seasonal collections.

Painting: flea market

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Sofa: Axis, Crate & Barrel; table: vintage; carpet: West Elm; pendant light: Midsummer for Artecnica, Studio Tord Boontje; shelves: Home Depot

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Schofield and her mom made the hanging bar for baskets over the cooker for just $1.50. “Each time I move or believe to get rid of it I can not; it is so practical,” she says.

Isle: Förhöja, Ikea; pendant light: Ikea

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Schofield hosts Sunday dishes with her friends twice a month. The open stream between the kitchen and the remainder of the apartment makes entertaining easy.

“Although the kitchen has a little 1970s feel, it’s so open, so it’s great when people come over,” she states.

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Schofield employs this chalkboard wall between the bedroom and the home office as a giant calendar. “It’s much better to be able to see the entire few months and assess what’s done and in the past, while spacing out what I still have to do,” she states.

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She uses the apartment’s original second bedroom as a home office and office for Bryr (so “to care” in Swedish). Folding tables connected to the wall include additional working room if necessary. Bryr sneakers are handmade to order in Minnesota.

Desk: Ikea; shelves: Home Depot; pendant light: Ikea

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Schofield’s bedroom has been motivated by remains in upscale resorts in South Korea. “Those resort suites were so lovely and tranquil,” she states.

Mattress: Captains Bed, Gothic Cabinet Craft; dresser: Craigslist; towel rack: Amazon; mirror: West Elm; wall mounted socket: Ikea; bedding: Björnloka, Ikea

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Schofield originally painted the bedroom yellowish and instantly regretted it. Now, this relaxing and tranquil blue and white retreat is her favorite place in the apartment.

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