Are Butterflies the New Birds?

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There was a time not so long ago when you couldn’t turn around without seeing some cute little songbird. There they were as decals perched along the wall. There again on pillows. You will find bluebird coffee mugs and dishtowels and candles. Birds became the totem animal of hip design.

Now I am no predictor of tendencies, but if I were, I’d stake my claim on butterflies because the next fauna to make it large. They are easy to shape; they’re pretty; they’re brilliant, and they’re feminine without being too sour.

Paper Butterfly

Eight Butterflies – AUD 630

If you do not have the stomach for real butterflies trapped under glass, then you may always go for the paper variety.

Rachel Reider Interiors

3-D butterflies pinned to the wall look as though they’ve just alighted in this nursery.

Somers & Company Interiors

The gorgeous butterfly fabric adds playfulness and a graphic element to the room.


Chandelier Monarch Butterfly Mobile, Purple by Dragon on the Fly – $45

This butterfly swarm chandelier is delicate and filled with movement.

This blossom chandelier is elegant without taking itself too seriously. It’s like the Diane Keaton of blossom chandeliers.

Spruce Eco-Studio

Mod-Butterfly Jubilee Raspberry – $75

The insta-classic Butterfly Jubilee wallpaper. Feminine, graphic, vibrant.

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

The super-graphic monotone prints in this entryway are nearly like favorable Rorschach tests. Perhaps you find the butterflies. Perhaps you see something else?

My stairwell having an accent wall in Nina Campbell’s “Butterflies” wallpaper. I could’t enjoy it if I had painted it myself. It has a subtle iridescence you can’t capture in a photo.

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