ICFF 2012 Report: the Lighting of Rich Brilliant Willing

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A name like Rich Brilliant Willing is bound to attract some attention. Named Best New Designer in the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), Rich Brilliant Willing arrived to the 2012 ICFF using a Multitude of new furniture and lighting pieces. The firm’s name is a clever moniker according to the 3 founders’ last names — Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams. Additionally, it is a perfect representation of the sort of work they perform in their own studio.

We stole some time with just two of the artists, Richardson and Williams, to talk to them about their inspiration and newest products in the ICFF.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Delta VII Pendant Light

All 3 members of Rich Brilliant Willing are graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design. They founded the company in 2009, shortly after one of their first items, the Excel Floor Lamp, turned into a hit. Soon after, they had been named one of the top 40 designers of 2009 by i-D magazine.

The Delta Pendant is among the trio’s other popular items, and they have expanded the line with new shapes and colours. The crisp and clean white is a welcome accompaniment to the black and gold first.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Radient Table Lamp

Rich Brilliant Willing’s Radient Lamps reinvent the chilly form of a turned-off light. Instead of installing a piece that becomes passive when not used, the Radient sconces and lamps turned into a warm, artful and geometric addition to your home’s design.

Rich Brilliant Willing

The sconces look good in collections — when several Radient sconces are installed on precisely the exact same wall, they mimic constellations when lit up.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Cask Milk Stool

Cask seating incorporates the classic, rustic style of through-tenon joinery which you often see in traditional and Craftsman furniture. It’s a subtle nod to antique American furniture and leaves the piece extra powerful. The brass footrest adds additional comfort and that perfect bit of modern that Rich Outstanding Willing does so nicely.

Rich Brilliant Willing

Trig Floor Lamp

Like the remainder of Rich Brilliant Willing’s new products in the ICFF, the Trig Floor Lamp is intended to sense “at once human and minimal,” according to the company. Although the design is straightforward, it seems inherently friendly and appealing. The anodized aluminum base is bit sensitive — put your hand everywhere, and the light turns off and on.

Richardson (left) and Williams

Q: what’s the biggest priority in your layouts?

Williams: To establish a new set of values for living and working: modesty, simplicity and seamless integration, but with personal personality.

Q: What iconic designer could you like to work with?

Williams: I’d really like to collaborate with a scientist or engineer operating out our field — something in nanotech, artificial intelligence or other energy.
Richardson: Mainly sculptors — Henry Moore, Taiichi Ohno, Shigeo Shingo. I’d also love to work with consultants William McDonough and Michael Braungart.

Q: Where’s your go-to place for inspiration?

Williams: The city
Richardson: Lakes, mountains and the beach

Q: What is a favorite piece of furniture that you own?

Williams: A classic Eames DCM chair from a flea market in Michigan — somebody gave it a loving coat of spar varnish.
Richardson: An Excel Floor Lamp!

Q: What famous figure’s house do you think your products belong in?

Williams: Steve Jobs
Richardson: Rei Kawakubo

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