Laundry Makes a Clean Break Using Its Own Room

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With the recent downsizing trend, homeowners are searching for new ways to make the most of their house’s square footage. As a result, the laundry area (that was once considered an absolute necessity) is shifting. Rather than a designated room for laundry, even smaller homes are benefiting from having the washer and dryer in nooks. These nooks can be found within back or side entryways, in hallways as well as in closets. The accession of a counter and open shelving makes them fully functional.

Another spin on the spin cycle entails integrating the washer and dryer into a multipurpose area, like a mudroom, a workplace or a living space. Built-in cabinetry keeps this appearance tidy and livable. And where square footage is at a bare minimum, stackable components can be thrown into tight spaces. They work in kitchens and bathrooms, hidden behind floor-to-ceiling doors.

When all else fails, turn to creative cover-ups. Barn doors, hanging fabric and pocket doors can be used to conceal your dirty laundry.

Tracery Interiors

This small laundry room is made practical with a beefy countertop, which comes in handy for sorting and folding. A pendant light and windows make the room feel larger and airier.

Rethink Design Studio

Located off a side entry, this laundry corner is useful for dropping wet swimsuits and beach towels. Placing the washer and dryer near an exterior door keeps dirt and dirt from being tracked through the remainder of the house. A countertop and open shelving above the appliances add workspace and storage.

Young House Love

In this small home, a brief hallway is the best spot for your own washer and dryer. An economical DIY plywood countertop provides a place to drop filthy laundry and clothes baskets. Finding the laundry nook close to the sunroom and backyard makes hanging clothes out to dry a cinch.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

This multifunctional space serves as a mudroom, a seating area, an office and a laundry area. The built-in bench, desk and cabinetry keep things neat and tidy while maintaining traffic flow.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

The designer of the basement family room cleverly incorporated the washer and dryer into a corner of the area, preventing the need for additional interior walls, which could retain the underground distance from feeling bright. Hidden behind bifold doors and under a countertop, the machines are disguised well.

Venegas and Company

Adding a laundry space within a mudroom is a superb alternative for active families. Stacking the washer and dryer behind floor-to-ceiling doors is a great method of disguise.

Artisan Kitchens Inc..

Stacking dryer and the washer in addition to each another in a small bathroom optimizes floor area. Using frosted glass doors to hide the laundry space keeps light bouncing around.

Interior Works Inc

When square footage is at a bare minimum, consider setting a stacked washer and dryer unit within cabinetry in the kitchen. A more compact fitting cabinet above the laundry cupboard takes the built-in feature to the ceiling to get a cohesive appearance.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Make room for laundry in the kitchen by concealing a stacked washer and dryer combo behind pantrylike doors.

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

Here is another perspective of the same kitchen. The doors are designed to mimic the cabinetry for a appearance.

Rhonda Kieson Designs

Swinging barn doors give this hidden laundry closet a unique appearance that fits in well with the rest of the house’s rustic aesthetic. Open shelving above the washer and dryer allows for plenty of storage.

Lucy Interior Design

The washer and dryer within this laundry-office combo area are hidden under a countertop and behind hanging pleated fabric. Simply slide the fabric “doorways” to the side to access the laundry.

Tervola Designs

Pocket doors slide open to reveal the washer and dryer in this hallway. Close ’em up for a seamless appearance.

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