Long Mantels Go the Distance

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Extra-long mantels add thickness to a room for aesthetic value and may offer an advantageous display surface. However, you might not know how to decorate these long pieces. Seasonal decor keeps them full and festive over the holidays, but you may also make a chic appeal that is appropriate year-round by balancing the proper items.

The most important design element is balance. When you step back and see the mantel, you want it to feel complete, not unexpected or jagged. In this instance, an artwork series stretches across the elongated mantel and two plants at the ends anchor the appearance with vertical height.

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Consider balancing your mantel using a centre focal bit, such as a mirror or piece of artwork. Taper objects from the middle piece in descending height order to accentuate the focal point and maintain balance.

Shelves as finish pieces offer additional storage. You can commission built-in shelves, or, if your mantel is broad enough, utilize freestanding shelves. Again, you will want a centre focal bit, but the shelves reach overall balance.


Candles are another double-duty alternative for the long mantel. Create individual groups across the mantel, including several candles of different heights. Your mantel can supply a soft, romantic glow that makes your room enticing.

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Minimal objects can supply an equal sense of balance and impact. In this instance, a tiny group of objects will be juxtaposed with a fixture at a marginally higher height.

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Your long mantel can fit perfectly beneath your television. To make the television less of a focal point, install it slightly to one side and balance it with an artful object.

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Artwork generally enhances the visual appeal of your long mantel. Select pieces that complement your mantel’s size, shape and texture.

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A series of vertical statues builds a fascinating display.

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Vertical artwork and objects of extreme height add drama to your mantel. This serious appearance doesn’t require other accessories.

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Categorize areas of the mantel. In this instance, the fireplace and television are on the right, while decorative objects and shelves are on the left (click picture to see full view). A long mantel can be functional and aesthetically stimulating.

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