White Appliances Find the Limelight

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This week on the queries board, consumer lanierf requested,”Can you show fine kitchens with white appliances or is everybody working with the more expensive stainless steel” While most Americans are still having a love affair with stainless steel, glossy and updated white appliances have gained popularity overseas and are gradually making their way into more houses here. These new versions are not the white appliances you may have grown up with.

Why use white? “White appliances in a kitchen with white cabinetry may increase the flow of the room, which can be particularly important in a small kitchen,” explains Susan Serra, a certified kitchen designer. Additionally,”white’s reflective properties, particularly in large appliances such as a refrigerator, help make a room appear lighter in quantity rather than thicker, such as a black refrigerator might.” Here are a few suggestions for using white appliances in most types of kitchens.

The latest appliances have a futuristic look. Kitchen and bathroom designer (and contributor) Jamie Goldberg remains along with the latest kitchen trends globally. Her predictions for 2012 include a yield of white appliances”in glossy modular glass-front” iterations. She also reported that”Whirlpool has an iPhone-inspired White Ice collection intended for the U.S. market.”

Claudia Martin, ASID

This transitional kitchen contains a customizable Viking range; options include a wide range of metal and colour finishes. While the vivid colors are tempting, how this white range makes a clean and smooth appearance round the cabinets creates a great argument for matching the stove to your cabinets.

Mascheroni Construction

If you crave a little more metal together with the white appliances in your kitchen, you may add it through the port hood.

Alabama Sawyer

Here stainless steel is the accent finish, utilized in subtle manners instead of covering each of the appliances.

In this modern kitchen, utilizing white appliances enables the uninterrupted backsplash to be noticed.

Similarly, in this traditional kitchen, a white oven which matches the cabinets enables the tin backsplash to shine.

The Brick House

This vintage stove functions with the mid-century modern decor.

White appliances are a great choice for a vintage-style kitchen too. This eclectic room is filled with vivid colors and distinctive touches; including stainless appliances wouldn’t work in this retro mix.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

Choosing a refrigerator with all the right handles is important. Look closely at the grips to make sure they are up so far; attempt to fit them to your cabinet hardware to get consistency.

If you’ve got an old white refrigerator, it may be possible to substitute the grips, which will help keep it looking fresh as you save to get a brand new one.

Rysso Peters

When it comes to a smooth transition out of cabinets to appliances, custom paneling on the front of refrigerators and dishwashers to match the cabinetry is a trend that shows no signs of waning anytime soon.

Venegas and Company

This refrigerator and cabinet look streamlined.

Creative Space Architectural Design

All works wonders in a minimalist space. The kitchen does not divert from the blank box inside.

Aviad Bar-Ness

Along with Europe, Israel can also be filled with sleek white modern kitchens. Notice how door and the drawer pulls coordinate with the appliance accents.

Susan Serra

“Concealed appliances will add much more of a sense of visual continuity to the kitchen design,” says Susan Serra, who designed this kitchen.

Serra additionally adds a cautionary note:”Compare white appliances one to another, particularly if they’re different brands. The whites could be a bit different.” Furthermore, she informs to notice where the snowy appliances are located within the plan and determine if they need to be as invisible as possible (like a dishwasher) or when they will be a focal point (like a hood).

White appliances have been a natural match for country and cabin style.

What do you consider the white appliances? What finish or color are your dream appliances? Let us know in the Comments section.

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